...............to Shekinah German Shepherd Dogs


At Shekinah we have been owned and worked by German Shepherd Dogs for over 25 years. All our dogs have attained a high standard of obedience both at show and club level.


As members of the British Association of German Shepherd Dogs we have had over 50 years experience in the breed.


Beth has been a BAGSD's instructor for many years and we pride ourselves on ensuring our dogs are bred firstly with temperament and health, with beauty and brains coming in close behind.  Mandy has now completed her BAGSD's Instructor Certificate and has qualified as an instructor.


All puppies are home bred ensuring the best possible start in life. Exposure to everyday living within the home environment helps puppies to adjust and leave us happy bold and content.  



We also practice 'Baby Learning' - a gentle form of puppy obedience devised by us using puppies natural behaviours to teach life skills.


Home of the Beautiful Long Coat

Shekinah is the Guardian Angel of Unity and Unconditional love

kumala 3 head shot 2 DSC_0563-1 do shiloh 18 weeks - Indya 8weeks 033 Faylan Oct 2012