Animal Welfare Act 2007

The law states that the very minimum we must provide for our dogs is :


a. Always provide clean, fresh drinking water at all times


b. Feed a balanced and nutritional diet


c. Seek professional Veterinary help when your dog is ill.  It is illegal to self-administer to your animal treatments which may be considered harmful or life threatening to the dog and put their health in jeopardy.


d. Exercise your dog.  Be sensible – work out a good exercise plan that ensures your dog has adequate exercise that matches their age and abilities.


e. Attend training classes to help you and your dog become a model of social responsibility.  


Copies of the Act may be obtained from the Kennel Club.



Of course as good dog owners we should provide much much more :




Fun and play

Flea control



etc etc etc etc

Mandy & Inka