louis 8 wks

Knuston Kes - 'Louis' grandson of the fabulous Cottesway Zulu of Chalkwell

Hip Score 13

So what is 'Baby Learning Programme' ?  This is a plan devised by us to ensure our puppies leave us with a good start to their life.  We use natural behaviours as a platform for teaching sociable, confident skills.  Puppies are encouraged to progress at their own pace and all are exposed to everyday noises.  This is important in the development of all puppies.


Puppies develop very quickly between the ages of 0 - 12 weeks.  Fears are often impacted within that time - so it is very important to expose youngsters to a variety of sounds and situations to promote confidence and sociability.


All new puppy owners are supplied within their puppy pack an indepth report of what their new puppy has learnt, the sounds they have been exposed to and the games they like to play.  This will aid the transition into their new homes and help them settle in quickly.


Baby Learning Programme