Commitment & Care

All potential puppy owners need to be aware of the commitment required to look after and care for a new puppy.  Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself before making that final decision :


1.  Do I have the time to look after a new addition, especially one that will probably make a mess, demand attention, need feeding 4 times a day, potentially chew anything left on the floor or at puppy level ?


2.  Can I afford to insure my puppy ? Veterinary bills are expensive and although we provide you with six weeks free insurance its up to you after that.  Details of insurances are included in our puppy pack to help you make choices.


3.  Do I have the room to keep a large breed dog ?  Germans Shepherd can grow to quite a size.  Males may exceed 45kg and females not far behind.  


4.  Have I got time to exercise my dog ?  All dogs regardless of size need exercise.  There is no set time and length for exercising your dog - however a quick run around the domestic garden probably will not cut it for this type of breed.  Sensible exercise regimes need to be applied.  Details of exercising your puppy will be included in our puppy pack.  There are essential guidelines to exercising a German Shepherd puppy.


5.  Am I willing to commit between 12 and 14 years to owning a dog ?


6.  Am I prepared to attend training classes ?  Are you willing to put the work in ?  Dogs can't train themselves - they need guidance to know what is and what is not acceptable behaviour.


7.  Can I honestly say the whole family will commit to owning a new puppy ?  Unfortunately puppies/dogs are often rehomed because a member of the family  cannot live with them.  Parents often do not consider that their child may be frightened, unprepared or just not interested in a puppy or dog. Spouses often believe that their partners want the same as them and only after taking on a puppy does it become clear that this is not the case.  Discussions and explanations are an imperative part of the puppy owning process for any family so get talking.







Inka 19 weeks

Inka 19 weeks