Our Dogs

Here are some of our dogs past  that we have been privileged to share our lives with.  All  attained a good standard of obedience and have been a pleasure to work with.

Merlin famous five Mandy&Bryn maya

Abben Zeus 'Merlin' brother of Saxon, son of Dot, Nephew of Louis


The Famous Five - L to R Maya, Bryn, Merlin, Pascha & Louis

Bryn - our lady at the Bridge

Probably still won't let that ball go !

Richbags Black Ella - Maya

Hip Score 19

Sadly did not take to that mating lark so she had it her way and got spayed - Maya is now waiting for us at the bridge - run free baby girl

Abben Hermes - 'Pascha' brother to Biff - 1/2 brother to Merlin and Saxon

Our boy at the Bridge