Our Extended Family

For over 6 generations we have been careful to research and cultivate the breedlines of some of the best English lines.  We have watched these lines grow, improve and strengthen through selective breeding.  We are delighted to be part of this excellent breeding programme which includes the kennels of Nyrvana, Chalkwell, Quixote, Abben and Rockforce

biff001 Vadar 53 small Louis Elmo in Snow

Knuston Kes - 'Louis' Grandson of Cottesway Zulu of Chalkwell

Kingsblood Thorin of Rockforce 'Vadar' father of Inka - Hip Score 6

Abben Beefcake 'Biff' father of Woody

Hipscore 8

Abben Brecan 'Elmo' G.G.GrandFather of Inka

Grandfather of Woody

Hipscore 9

Warden's Woody of Rockforce 'Woody'

Hip Score 9