Our Objectives

Our dogs are our lives and breeding takes place with purpose - in order to strengthen the lines, in order to keep a puppy or to ensure we continue our carefully planned breeding programme. Bitches and studs are meticulously picked to ensure health and good breeding practice. All dogs are hipscored, haem tested (dogs) and health checked. Puppies will carry endorsements to ensure good practice.   New puppy owners will be required to sign a contract detailing the conditions under which a puppy is sold.  Further details on this will be discussed before potential homes will be considered for our puppies.


We co-effciency test any potential mating to ensure there is an acceptable percentage in terms of common ancestory in the pediggrees of both dam and sire - for more info on this please visit the Kennel Club website



Jeanette, Eva and pup2 inka sepia small

Inka as a 5 weeks old with her mum

Duskydaze Princess 'Eva' Hip Score 10

Daughter of Abben Apollo of Rockforce 'Saxon'

Kesellas Sweet Saoirse 'Inka' aged 11 months