Puppy Owners Feedback

We are pleased to include some of the feedback and pictures sent to us by our pleased puppy owners.

This is a nice one taken on our way back from the woods, with my friend Helen, who dotes on him.  He really is chunky, and we cant go anywhere without attracting a circle of admirers!


Joan and John Bowman with Celt 13 weeks



Well what can I say she is growing very quickly and she learns very fast.

Her training is going very well , I have got 2 sets of jump wings in the

garden (no poles as she is too young yet to go over them) just taking her

through them so she get used to them.

Also I have a plank of wood layed out on the floor and she goes over that

and stops at the end for her contacts.

As I said she learns fast and she enjoys it.  She is very nearly going through the night now without going for a wee and a

poo.  She is meeting lots of dogs now and loves it.


Carol and Abbie (starting her agility training) 13 weeks.


celt 13 weeks Kaiser 6 months

Couple of pictures of Kaiser taken last week.  What a beautiful boy he is

and so loving. Have been training with Kaiser this morning and he was very good.  He is growing fast and is developing a beautiful glossy coat.  He is gradually losing his baby teeth and is still being a very good boy.  I have attached some photos so you can see how he is developing.  You will notice he still has his blanket that you gave him and goes to bed with it every night.


Lisa and Kaiser 5 months